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Company name

Pure Bliss

Plot 1, Block C, Fatai Atere Way, Matori, Mushin, Lagos State., Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number
+234 905 625 4288
Working hours
Weekday: 08:00 – 17:00  
Establishment year 2018
Employees 6-10
Milk Cream Wafers
This delicious pack of crunchy wafers with rich and smooth milk cream filling will make for a great snack at any time of the day. Pure Bliss Wafers is made with only the best and finest ingredients, and available in convenient packs. You will absolutely love it!

Rich Cocoa Biscuits
Enjoy the rich and delicious taste of Pure Bliss Rich Cocoa Biscuits. With each pack housing 8 sharable twirls of crunchy cocoa goodness, every bite is a yummy sensation! Pure Bliss Rich Cocoa Biscuit is filled with irresistible tasty promises… don’t forget to share.

Premium Milk Cookies
The Pure Bliss Premium Milk Cookie is draped in a luxurious medley of whole milk and other delicious ingredients, making its taste and texture unique. It’s beautifully designed to meet its premium quality and truly, this is what makes it very inviting and irresistible. Absolutely perfect for every gathering!

Chocolate Cream Wafers
Introducing the all-new and exciting Pure Bliss Chocolate Wafers! It consists of alternating layers of chocolate flavour, covered with crispy wafer biscuits as the outer layers. Rich and smooth tasting chocolate is filled in every layer of the wafer that will satisfy your sweet cravings!